Battery Inspection System

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· Internal Resistance (IR)

· Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)

· Time Response Analysis (TRA)

· Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)

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Q3500 Battery Inspection System measures the internal resistance and open circuit voltage of a cell. The system displays and classifies the data compared to reference tolerance values for pass/fail conformance. Specially customized test jigs are configured and enable easy and safe tests to various type of cells such as cylindrical, pouch and prismatic battery. For a large-scale production line, Q3500 can be integrated into the automated in-line operating system.

Internal Resistance (IR)

Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)

Time Response Analysis (TRA)

Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)

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PLC Unit



Battery Inspection Software

System Specification

Product NameQ3500 Battery Inspection System
Main FeaturesOpen Circuit Voltage Measurement, Internal Resistance Measurement
Battery TypeCylindrical, Pouch, Prismatic
System ConfigurationMain Frame, Gripper Unit, IR/OCV Tester, Bar Code Reader, PLC Unit, Temperature Sensor, Safety Sensor, UPS, Software, PC
Dimension / Weight / Utility Dimension : (W)1,800 mm X (D)1,200 mm X (H)2,000 mm / Weight(kg) : 1,500kg / Electricity : 220V, 30A, 3 Phase/ Air : 6.0 kg/cm2
# of Test Sample / Tact Time256 Samples per Tray / < 60sec
Open Circuit VoltageVoltage Range-5V ~ +5V
Accuracy< ±0.5mV
Measurement TimeStd. 100msec
Internal ResistanceControlCurrent Control
Accuracy< ±0.5mΩ
Test Frequency1kHz Sine Wave
ContactCustomized Gripper
SafetyOver Temperature, Smoke Protection, Flame Sensor, Over Current Protection, EMO S/W
OptionTransient Voltage Measurement, Impedance Measurement

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