M6000 PIXX

Imaging & Lifetime Test System

#Multi-Channel #Imaging #Uniformity #Lifetime # Auto-Focusing #V(λ) Filter

· Display Cell / Panel / Module

· Scalable Multi-Channel Test System

· Lifetime Test / Uniformity / Aging / I-V Scan

· Imaging Test / 9-section Analysis / SSIM

· Auto-Focusing / V(λ) Filter

· CC / CV / PC / PV / PCV Operation

· Thermal Chamber / ThermoStation

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M6000 PIXX Imaging & Lifetime Test System periodically measures the electroluminescence image while driving display devices such as OLED, QLED, Micro and Mini LED, and evaluates the variation of luminance, structural deformation and uniformity through the device life cycle, in addition to the conventional display device lifetime tests including voltage and current measurement.

Special features are :

· Scalable multi-channel system for the long-term imaging & lifetime measurements of display devices

· Compact 12-bit high-resolution imaging unit built in each test channel with V(λ) Filter and fast auto-focusing module

· Various luminescence uniformity analysis including standard 9-Section non-uniformity and structural similarity (SSIM)

System Components

OLED Lifetime Tester

Test Jig & Base Frame

ThermoStation/Chamber Type

Imaging & Lifetime Test Software

System Specification

Product NameM6000 PIXX Imaging & Lifetime Test System
Measurement ItemTime, Voltage, Current, Image, Uniformity, Relative Luminance
Standard Capacity16ch / Set (Standard)
Electrical Operation ModeCV, CC, CL, PV, PC, PCV
ImagingSensor ResolutionCMOS Imaging Sensor 640 x 480 Pixel
FOV / WD5mm x 4mm / 32mm (Auto-Focusing Function / Intensity Resolution : 12bit)
Measurement Luminance Range0 ~ 3,000nit ( Standard A Light Source / Range is variable by user defined value)
Spectral ResponsivityCIE Photopic Luminous Function Filter
Range±20V[Range 1] ±1mA / [Range 2] ±10mA (Auto 2-Range Shunt Type)
Accuracy±0.05% + 10mV (F.S.R.)[Range 1] ±0.05% + 1uA (F.S.R.) / [Range 2] ±0.05% + 10uA (F.S.R.)
PulseFrequency Range10 ~ 256Hz / 1Hz Step
Duty1 ~ 99% / 1% Step
Data BackupAutomatic Data Backup in HW Memory in case of SW Disconnection
InterfaceLAN and USB Interface
OptionTemperature Chamber (Typically, 25 ~ 85°C Range), Thermostation (4ch/unit Standard), Image Analysis Software, UPS

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