Smart Source & Measure Instruments

· Determining the Power Supply Topology

· Power generation, component value calculation

· Internal Peripheral Control and Setup

· Communication and Intelligent Interface Control

Development of electronic instruments for testing various devices

Voltage, current output and measurement techniques with high accuracy and precision

High speed dynamic response source meter technology for measurement of high speed I-V, C-V, FR, TR, etc

Provides measurement test solutions specialized in OLED, solar cells & batteries, semiconductors, etc

Voltage and current regulation through an intelligent algorithm-equipped microcontroller (MCU)

Implement software-controlled digital feedback

McScience Unique Technology Patent Registration: Bias Cancelling, Impedance Measurement, Soft-trigger, Playback, etc


Source Measurement UnitPower SupplyElectric LoadSwitching UnitDigital Multimeter
Standalone Supply SMUNormal Type (<100W)Normal Type (<100W)Switching FrameHandheld Type
Stand-alone High-precision SMUHigh Current Type (>100A)High Current Type (>100A)Multiplexer Channel BoardBenchtop Type
Standalone Impedance MeterHigh Voltage Type (>100V)High Voltage Type (>100V)Matrix Channel BoardModular Type
Universal SMU ModuleMulti Output Type
High Precision Type SMU Module
Impedance Measurement Module

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