Photoluminescence 측정 시스템

#Photoluminescence #QE

· Photoluminescence (형광/인광)

· 외/내부 양자 효율성 (EQE/IQE)

· 흡수/반사/배출 스펙트럼 측정

· PL 필름, 고체, 분말, 액체 샘플 스타일


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광루미네선스 (형광/인광)

외/내부 양자 효율성 (EQE/IQE)

흡수/반사/배출 스펙트럼 측정

PL 필름, 고체, 분말, 액체 샘플 스타일

시스템 구성도


레이저 광원

ND필터 휠 & 빔 스플릿터/적분구




Model NameL3000 Photo-Luminescence Measurement System
ConfigurationMain Frame, Sourcemeter Unit, JIG, Cables, Software, PC
Integrating SphereSpectraflect Coated 3.3 Inch with Customized Ports (A, B, C)
Moving Stage100mm Manual Stage
Wavelength Range300nm ~ 1100nm
Resolution1.5 FWHM
Integral Time1.1msec ~ 1minutes
Optical InputOptical Fiber with SMA Connector
Sweep Interval TimeMin. 100msec
Voltage Source Range-20V ~ +20V
Current Measurement Range-1.0A ~ 1.0A
Sample TypeBottom (to be discussed for TOP)
Pin Contact2 Point Probe, Pogo Pin
Electrical ConnectionBack Side Banana Jack
Internal CoatingBaSO4 Coating with Binder

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