TFT Parameter Test System

The optoelectronic characterization of organic semiconductor layer is substantially important in applications for organic photovoltaics(OPV) and organic light emitting diode (OLED), and T4000 Organic Semiconductor Parameter Test System performs various experiments based on LED light source and high-speed measurement electronics in order to obtain charge carrier mobility and other characteristic parameters.

TFT Device or OTFT Device

Trensfer Characteristic Curve

Output Characteristic curve

Lifetime Evaluation & Aging Test

System Specification



Model Name

Size(mm3) : 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 / Weight(kg) : <200kg / Utility : 220V, 15A

System Model/Option

SGX : Single channel, MTX : Multi channel / S : Standard Model,

T : Thermal Stress Model, C : Light Stress Model

System Configuration

Parameter Analyzer, Multichannel Voltage Source,

Multichannel LED Current Source, Switching Unit, Sample Mounting Unit,

Thermostation, Probestation, Microscope & Monitor


Size(mm3) : 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 / Weight(kg) : <200kg / Utility : 220V, 15A


Thin Film Transistor(TFT), Oxide TFT, Organic TFT

Sample Size

Glass Size : <50mm x 50mm

Contact Type

Pogo Pin Type(Typical), Probe Tip(Probestation)

Mobility Measure Range


Current Measure Accuracy


Temperature Control Range

R.T. ~ 100℃, Air Cooling

LED Light Control Current

Max. 500mA, 3W High Power White LED

Measure/Analysis Item

Field Effect Mobility, Saturation Mobility, On/Off Ratio, Threshold Voltage, Sub-Treshold Swing Slope

System Specification

System Configuration

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T5000 TFT Parameter Test System

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System Components

Dual Sourcemeter

Parameter Analyzer

Parameter Analyzer

T510 Multichannel Voltage Source

T520 Signal Multichannel LED Current Source

T530 Switching Unit

Switching Unit

Microscope & Monitor

T951 Sample Mounting Unit

T952 ThermoStation

T953 Probestation

T750 TFT Parameter Test Software