PV Module Imaging Test System

Electroluminescence Imaging

Photoluminescence Imaging

Automatic Detection of Microcrack, Dark Area & Finger Defect

System Specification



Model Name

K5300 PV Module Imaging Test System

System Configuration

K301 Camera Set, DC Power Supply, Main Frame(Dark Room), PC & Monitor, Xy Axis Motion, Accessory


High Resolution CCD Camera


Micro Crack, Printing / Firing Defects, EL Intensity


Main Frame – Size(mm³) : (W)2,700mm x (D)1,430mm x (H)1,260mm, Weight(Kg) : 300 Kg, Utility : 220V, 20A

Dark Room – Size(mm³) : (W)2,190mm x (D)1,430mm x (H)260mm, weight(Kg) : <50 Kg

Camera XY Motion – Size(mm³) : (W)2,800mm x (D)1,500mm x (H)1,215mm, Weight(Kg) : < 60Kg

Tack Time

60sec (Setting : <30sec, Measurement : 30sex @ 6x10 Module)

Test Sample

Si, Flexible Module, Thin Film Module, Crystalline Si Solar Module


Flexible Module 700mm x 1,900mm, Thin Film Module 1,100mm x 1,300mm, Crtstalline Si Solar Module 985mm x 1,642mm

System Specification

System Configuration

Micro-cracks and Defect Images

Defects of solar cell and module, such as crack, dark area and finger defect are detected from luminescence inspection.

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K5300 PV Module Imaging Test System

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System Components

Manta-145B NIR, Camera Filter_RG830


DC Power Supply

(ODA EX 80-22.5)

XY Axis Motion GMS-MTJ65

K753 PV Module Imaging Test Software