Solar Cell Reliability Test System

Long-Term Reliability Test Under Various Irradiation & Thermal Conditions

This system provides combined environment of temperature & humidity control chamber with solar simulator, which enables long term test of solar cell with periodic measurement of efficiency under device aging at various environmental conditions.

Long-Term Light Irradiation

High Speed I-V Test

Light Induced Degradation (LID)

Thermal Chamber with Solar Simulator

Vehicle Sun Roof Test

System Specification



Model Name

K3600 Solar Cell Reliability Test System

System Model

(2 Models According to Lamp Type) MH : Metal Halide Lamp / PLS : Plasma Lamp

System Option

Illumination Area Size No. 100, 300, 350, 400, 500

System Configuration

SimuLight Light Source(MH, PLS Lamp), Temp Humidity Chamber, DeJign Test Jig(Multi-Cell), Source Measure Unit, Reference Cell

Illumination Area

100mm x 100mm ~ 500mm x 500mm

Illumination Light Spectrum

0.75 ~ 1.25% (AM 1.5G) (Using PLS)

Illumination Light Unifomity

<5% (Using PLS)

Illumination Light Stability

<0.5 % (STI), <2% (LTI) (Using PLS)

Voltage Range / Accuracy

-20V ~ 20V / 0.1% Accuracy

Current Range / Accuracy

±20A, ±2A/±200mA, ±20mA/±2mA, ±200uA/0.1% Accuracy (Multi-Range)

One Step Measurement Time

0.1 usec ~ 1 sec


1 Sun Feedback

Measurement Data

Voltage, Current, Temperature, Irradiance (Ref), LID, Light Soaking

Analysis Item

Isc, Voc, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Efficiency, Rs, Rsh, Time

Lamp Lifetime

PLS >10,000 hour, MH >2,000 hour

System Specification

System Configuration

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K3600 Solar Cell Reliability Test System

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System Components




K111 NEO PV PowerMeter

K101 MAX PV PowerMeter

K101 PRO PV PowerMeter

K111 LAB PV PowerMeter

K801 Reference Cell

K736 Solar Cell Reliability Test Software

Temperature Controller

K801 Reference Cell

K730 Solar Cell I-V Test Software