Solar Cell In-Line Inspection System

In-Line Automatic Inspection and Cell Sorting

This system provides total solution for in-line solar cell inspection and automatic sorting based on I-V test, luminance imaging and optical inspection.

Automatic Cell Inspection

Automatic Cell Sorting

I-V Test Using AAA Solar Simulator

Electroluminescence Imaging

Automatic Optical Inspection

System Specification



Model Name

K3500 Solar Cell In-Line Inspection System

System Model

ELX : EL Measurement, PLX : PL Measurement, WFX : AOI+I-V+EL/PL

System Configuration

Loader, AOI(Vision), K3000 I-V System, K3300 Imaging System, Unloader, Sorting

System Tact Time

 1,200EA per 1hour


Voltage, Current, Temperature, Irradiance (Ref), Mircro Crack, Hot Spot, Finger Defect, Dark Area, Isc Mapping, Relative Efficiency, Color, Vision


 (W)5,350mm x (D)1,400mm x (H)2,130mm

Test Sample

Si Solar Cell

System Specification

System Configuration

Solar Cell Inspection System for In-Line Process

Hight Throughtput and Stability

Low Breakage and Maintenance

Fully Automated Process or Manual Operation

Flexible Cell Loading Unit(In-Line/Magazine)

Selectable Good/Reject Sorting(Variable Sorting)

User Friendly Interface and MES Software

Efficiency vs Crack

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K3500 Solar Cell In-Line Inspection System

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