Solar Cell Imaging Test System

Solar Cell Inspection Tool Using Luminescence Imaging and Laser Scanning

This system provides various imaging test solutions such as electroluminescence, photoluminescence, thermal imaging, and light beam induced current measurement for inspection of solar cell’s internal defects and device failures.

Electroluminescence Imaging

Photoluminescence Imaging

Light Beam Induced Current Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Automatic Detection of Microcrack, Dark Area & Finger Defect

Defects of solar cell and module, such as crack, dark area and finger defect are detected from luminescence inspection.

System Specification



Model Name

K3300 Solar Cell Imaging Test System

System Model

ELX : EL Measurement / PLX : PL Measurement / EPLI : EL+PL / EPLB : EL+PL+ LBIC Measurement

System Configuration

K301 Camera Set, [K103 ELX DC Power Supply : Using ELX], [K310 LD Driver, LED, LASER : Using PLX],

Main frame, Box Table [Motion : Using Semi Auto ELX], Controller, PC, ACC

Measure Time

EL : <10sec, PL : <10sec, LBIC : 2 hour (6” Cell)


Mircro Crack, Hot Spot, Finger Defect, Dark Area, Isc Mapping, Relative Efficiency


ELX & PLX – [Size : (W)600mm x (d)1,000mm x (H)1,800mm / Weight : <100Kg / Utility : 200V, 15A, Air 6 Bar]

EPLI & EPLB – [Size : (W)1,200mm x (d)1,000mm x (H)1,800mm / Weight : <300Kg / Utility : 200V, 15A, Air 6 Bar]

Test Sample

Crystaline 5”, 6”, Si Solar Cell

System Specification

System Configuration

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K3300 Solar Cell Imaging Test System

Leaflet Download (2.80MB)

System Components

K301 Imaging Kit

K103 ELX Powermeter

K310 LD Driver

LED 850



Solar Cell Imaging Test Software

K731 Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Test Software