Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Test System

Standard Test Equipment for Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement

The ratio of incident photons to collected electrons in output current is calculated as external quantum efficiency of solar cell based on standard spectral response measurement. Optional instruments allows reflectance measurement and internal quantum efficiency measurement, and automatic positioning.

Spectral Response

Incident Photon to Current Efficiency

External Quantum Efficiency

Internal Quantum Efficiency

NIR Measurement

Automatic Scanning / Positioning

System Specification



Model Name

K3100 Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Test System

System Model

EQX : External Quantum Efficiency / IQX : Internal Quantum Efficiency / ATX : Surface Relectance / NIRX : NIR External & Internal Quantum Efficiency

Wavelength Range

EQX : 300nm ~ 1,100nm / NIRX : 300nm ~ 1,500nm

Optical Chopper

1 ~ 99Hz(2blade)

System Configuration

Light Source(Xe Lamp), Lamp Power Supply, Monochrometer, Filter Wheel, Signal Amplifier, Chopper, Halogen Lamp, PC


StartWave, ErdWave, StepWave, Number of Average, Delay(msec), IdpR, IdpS, I-Ref, I-Sample, Current(A), Frequency(Hz), Reflectance(%)


Size(mm) : (W)1,200mm x (D)800mm x (H)1,000mm, Weight(Kg) : <650Kg, Utility : 220V

Test Sample

Solar Cell, Electro Chemistry

Beam size

1.2mm ~10mm

System Specification

System Configuration

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K3100 Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Test System

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System Components

Solar Simulator Xe300


Intergrating Sphere

K102 Signal Amplifier

K401 Lamp Power Supply


Filter Wheel

K731 Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Test Software