Solar Cell I-V Parameter Test System

Standard Test Equipment for Solar Cell Conversion Efficiency Measurement

This system provides total package for standard measurement of solar conversion efficiency including solar simulator with various irradiation area, photovoltaic powermeter with various current range, test jig and measurement software.

Class AAA Solar Simulator

High Speed I-V Test

Solar Conversion Efficiency

Maximum Power/Fill Factor

Series/Shunt Resistance

Standard/Custom Test Jig

System Specification



Model Name

K3000 Solar Cell I-V Parameter Test System

System Model

(3 Models According to Lamp Type) XE : Xenon Lamp / MH : Metal Halide Lamp / PLS : Plasma Lamp

System Configuration

Solar Simulator, Lamp Power Supply, Source Measure Unit or Powermeter, JIG, Refence Cell, Data Processing Unit

Illumination Area

25mm x 25mm, 55mm x 55mm, 110mm x 110mm, 170mm x 170mm, 220mm x 220mm, 330mm x 330mm

Illumination Light Spectrum

0.75 ~ 1.25% (AM 1.5G)

Illumination Light Unifomity


Illumination Light Stability

<0.5 % (STI), <2% (LTI)

Voltage Range / Accuracy

-20V ~ 20V / 0.1% Accuracy

Current Range / Accuracy

±20A, ±2A/±200mA, ±20mA/±2mA, ±200uA / 0.1% Accuracy (Multi-Range)

One Step Measurement Time

0.1 usec ~ 1 sec

Maximum Measure Point

200 Points

Measurement Data

Voltage, Current, Temperature, Irradiance (Ref)

Analysis Item

Isc, Voc, Imax, Vmax, Pmax, FF, Efficiency, Rs, Rsh

System Specification

System Configuration

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K3000 Solar Cell I-V Parameter Test System

Leaflet Download (2.46MB)

System Components

K201 Solar Simulator

Test Jig

Test Jig

Test Jig

Test Jig

K101 NEO PV PowerMeter

K101 MAX PV PowerMeter

K101 PRO PV PowerMeter

K111 LAB PV PowerMeter

Temperature Controller

K801 Reference Cell

K730 Solar Cell I-V Test Software