Imaging Spectroradiometer


Optical Test Instrument of Display Devices

LUMO is a product series of spectroradiometers optimized for display testing. The basic functions of the spectroradiometer measures spectral radiance and automatically calculates luminance and chromaticity. It includes variable aperture size, object focusing, optical alignment and viewfinder monitoring. The display test requires combinations of special measurement functions related to display response and transient. LUMO® series is compatible with DeJign® and other environmental systems, and it can share an interface with Window PC and Android Tablet.

Spectroradiometer for Display Test

Spectral Radiance Measurement

Luminance Measurement

Color Measurement

Embedded CCD Viewfinder

Optional Close-up Lens

Optional Neutral Density Lens

Product Specification



Model Name

LUMO M20 Imaging SpectroRadiometer

Wavelength Range/Resolution

380~780 nm / 1 nm

Spectral Bandwidth

1.3 nm or less

Measuring Angle


Measuring Diameter


Minimum Measuring Area

Ø1.0 mm (132 mm, std.) / Ø0.5 mm (close-up lens, opt.)

Minimum Measuring Distance

132 mm (std.) / 48 mm (close-up lens, opt.)

Measurement Luminance Range (for standard illuminant A)

0.1~100,000 cd/m2 (Auto ND)

Accuracy: Luminance(for standard illuminant A)

±2% (1 ~ 100,000cd/m2) / ±5% (0.1 ~ 1cd/m2)

Accuracy: Chromaticity(for standard illuminant A)

x,y : ±0.003 (1 ~ 100,000cd/m2) / x,y : ±0.005 (0.1 ~ 1cd/m2)

Integration Time / Measurement Time

0.001~60 sec / 1~200 sec


USB 2.0

Operating Condition

5~35°C, 80%R.H or less


AC adapter (100-240V~, 50/60Hz) / DC5V, 2A

Size / Weight

130(W)x150(H)x160(D) mm / (Main)Ø53x93mm (Lens), 3.0 kg

Product Specification

Product Application

OLED Unit Cell/Module/Panel I-V-L Test System

Small & Compact Size

Multi Measurement

M6100 OLED I-V-L Test System

Large-Area, Multi Channel I-V-L Test System

M7000 Auto I-V-L Test System

Measure the Various Size such as L-M-S Display and Light, Etc

LUMO M20 Imaging Spectroradiometer

K-Company vs LUMO M20 Data Correlation

System Frame



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Imging Spectroradiometer LUMO Series

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