Patent registration

flash solar simulator

June 16. 2018

1. Patent Name: Flash Solar Simulator

2. Inventors: Explanation, Yoo Jung-seok, Kim Jong-wan

3. Application Number: 10-2016-0161269, Application Date: 30 November 2016

4. Registration number: 10-1881225, Registration date: 17 July 2018

5. Number of claims: 6

6. The effects of the invention

– This invention has the effect of using flash-type photovoltaic method to measure and assess accurate solar cell efficiency because the temperature of the solar cell does not change

– This invention has the effect of sweeping current and voltage at high speed to quickly measure and evaluate the efficiency of the solar cell, thereby increasing the production and inspection speed of the mass production process lines.

– This invention uses flash light sources and does not require mechanical shutters, reducing the risk of failure or maintenance costs.

7. Link to related data: registration card, specification (registration)


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