Metadata Compiler

May 19. 2016

What is Metadata Compiler?

It is assigned to the contents by a certain rule to efficiently retrieve the desired information within the vast amounts of raw data.

[ Fig.1 Metadata Architecture ]

‘Metadata Compiler’ (Metadata Searching Tool) is currently under development in application to the Secondary Battery Measurement Devices. For easy and fast data analysis, this smart solution will be applied to all of McScience’s equipment soon.

Metadata Necessity

– Vast amounts of raw data due to diverse experiment conditions and samples

– Difference in the data file format between different measurement devices

– Possible to extract only the required data

– Program automatically extracts the required metadata without the user having to perform any refinement on the data

[ Fig.2 Metadata Compiler Software ]

Metadata Configuration

– Sample information

– Measurement information

– Extracted data table

– Important parameters (metadata)

Metadata Functionality

– Generate predefined metadata from the raw data

– Extract and analyze important parameters

– Sorting out data by value extraction, high reliability by data analysis, visualizing result data


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