After verifying OLED and solar cells, there is a South Korean measurement technology. (McScience)

Semiconductor measurement is considered as an area where ultra-precise science of measurement is concentrated, surpassing precision due to complex five senses. Like OLED displays or solar batteries, McScience boasts Korea’s best measurement technology in semiconductor field…

AUGUST 17 . 2018

Patent registration – Manufacturing devices and lighting fixtures using LED lighting panels

1. Patent name: Lighting device manufacturing device using OLED lighting panel and lighting fixture manufacturing method using it

2. Inventors: Kong Woong-geol, Im Young-jin, Yoon Chul-oh

3. Application Number: 10-2017- 067354, Application Date: May 31, 2017

JULY 17 . 2018

Patent registration – flash solar simulator

1. Patent Name: Flash Solar Simulator

2. Inventors: Explanation, Yoo Jung-seok, Kim Jong-wan

3. Application Number: 10-2016-0161269, Application Date: 30 November 2016..

JULY 17 . 2018

OLED 2017

McScience and its sales partner in China joined from 7th Jul to 10th Jul, 2017.Typically, the scale of exhibition at conference is compact rather than industrial exhibition. However, it is the most valuable and intensive venue to meet our academic customers who is closely working for advanced technologies..

JULY 12 . 2017

Metadata Compiler

What is Metadata Compiler? It is assigned to the contents by a certain rule to efficiently retrieve the desired information within the vast amounts of raw data. ‘Metadata Compiler’ (Metadata Searching Tool) is currently under development in application to the Secondary Battery Measurement Devices..

MAY 19 . 2016

McScience’s Solar Simulator was introduced to president Park Geun-hye

President Park Geun-hye celebrated the opening of the Chungnam Center for Creative Economy at an industrial complex in 22th May, 2015. On TV news, McScience’s Solar Simulator (K3000 Xe330) for measurement solar efficiency, was introduced to president and participants included Science and ICT..

MAY 29 . 2015