OLED & Display Systems
  • Lifetime Test
  • I-V-L Test
  • Various I-V-L Characteristics
  • Transients
  • Impedance & C-V Measurement
  • Vision Inspection
Lifetime Test

ㆍIndependent Multi-Channel Power Driving and Measurement (CC, CV, CL, PC, PV, PCV)

ㆍLuminance Measurement using Photodiode or Color Sensor

ㆍAccelerated Lifetime Test under Temperature Condition

ㆍPeriodic I-V-L Measurement during Lifetime Test

I-V-L Test

ㆍCurrent-Voltage-Luminance Characteristics

ㆍSpectrum, CIE Index, CCT, CRI

ㆍCurrent Efficiency, Power Efficiency, Quantum Efficiency

Various I-V-L Characteristics

ㆍViewing Angle Test

ㆍTemperature Test

ㆍMechanical Deformation Test (Bending, Rolling, Torsion)


ㆍTransient Electroluminescence Measurement

ㆍPhotoluminescence Measurement

Impedance & C-V Measurement

ㆍFrequency Response Analysis (Nyquist Plot, Bode Plot)

ㆍCapacitance Voltage Measurement (C-V Plot, C-F Plot)

Vision Inspection

ㆍDisplay Uniformity Inspection using Area Colorimeter

ㆍPixel Uniformity Inspection using Microscope and Spectroradiometer

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