Display Week 2017

May 29. 2017

September 10-13, 2018 Novi, Michigan

 In May 21-26, Display Week 2017 was held in Los Angeles Convention Center. It is the premier international event for the electronic display industry, where breakthrough technologies are introduced. Display Week offers synergies unparalleled by any other display event, comprised of attendees and exhibitors representing the foremost display-engineering talent from all over the world, as well as leaders representing both the commercial and consumer markets.


 It was organized by SID to encourage the introduction of OLED industries and announce the latest technologies and, especially, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Wearables was the hottest areas in this show. The number of companies developing VR/AR look like increase every year. Also, I feel like the related technology is improving at a rapid pace as many things are possible today that were not possible 10 years ago.

 Just for reference, both virtual reality and augmented reality are similar in the goal of immersing the user, though both systems to this in different ways. With AR, users continue to be in touch with the real world while interacting with virtual objects around them. With VR, the user is isolated from the real world while immersed in a world that is completely fabricated. As it stands, VR might work better for video games and social networking in a virtual environment, such as Second Life, or even PlayStation Home.

Virtual (R) & Augmented (L) Head Mounted Display


 In Display Week 2017, many companies show a special track on Vehicle Displays & User Interface Technology Trends, featuring invited papers covering the various areas of vehicle displays. With the advent of new technologies, new infrastructure, and highly automated functions, the design of the automotive interiors and its usage by drivers and passengers will be impacted significantly in the future.


 McScience was participating in the SID Display Week 2017 from May 23-25 in Los Angeles with booth (#.214). We introduced the latest Parameter Test System which simply measures IVL and Compact-designed Colorimeter (HEXA Series)/Spectroradiometer (LUMO Series) with high performance and accurate data.

 For 3 exhibition days, many of customers visited McScience’s booth and we discussed about Test System Specification they need. And, we’d like to thank Jeffrey Wake, Semisola who is McScience’s US Sales Agent for cooperation in this show.


 Unlikely last time, New Product Showcase was relocated to the front of the show, allowing for nearby exhibitors to benefit from organic foot traffic. Approximately 50 companies displayed their various New Products there. In this time, McScience’s HEXA50, Colorimeter was displayed and many visitors stopped by booth to get more information.


 McScience is participating in the SID Display Week 2018, taking place from May 22 -24 in Los Angeles Convention Center, LA.

 Our OLED experts and McScience’s Top Management will be glad to meet you at booth No. 312.


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