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Multi-Channel Test Solutions

01. Simultaneous & Large Scale Product Device Testing

– Low Cost Industrialization of Advanced Lab Experiment Technology

– Scalable Test Channels to Desired Level of Device Production

02. Multi-Channel OLED Lifetime Test System

– World-First Industrial Version of Multi-Channel OLED Evaluation

– Supplied more than 30,000 test channels (2001~present)

03. Multi-Channel Battery Impedance Cycler

– Dynamic Internal Resistance Test System for EV Batteries

Automated In-line Inspection Systems

01. Performance Test & Defect Inspection

– OLED / Solar Cell / Battery Production

– Electrical Inspection Using Dynamic Source-Meter

– Optical Inspection Using Spectrometer & Camera

02. Automated Test Data Extraction & Sorting

– World-First Industrial Version of Multi-Channel OLED Evaluation

– Supplied more than 30,000 test channels (2001~present)

Measurement Automation Software

01. ModenJay® Studio Test Software Based on ModenJay® Extensible Test Platform (MXXP)

02. Sequence Builder & 50 Test Recipes

03. Metadata Extraction & Big Data Analysis







Product Type

Electronic Instrument


Solar Simulator

Test Jig

Test Software


  • Instrument for OLED Measurement
  • Instrument for Solar Cell Measurement
  • Instrument for Secondary Battery Measurement
  • Colorimeter
  • Spectroradiometer
  • Actinometer
  • Solar Simulator
  • Optical Test Lamp
  • Sample Mounting Unit
  • Temperature Controlling Module
  • Lighting Measuring Module
  • Channel Switching Module
  • OLED Laboratory
  • Solar Laboratory
  • Battery Laboratory
  • Big Data Laboratory


  • Functional Power
  • High Speed DAQ Hybrid Design
  • Device Measuring Instrument
  • Measurement Sequence Setting
  • Multi-Channel Measuring Intrument
  • Compact Design
  • High Speed Lighting Measurement & Data Communication
  • Communication Compatibility width Measuring Instrument
  • Connection Compatibility with System Device
  • Variety of Lamps (Xe/MH/PLS)
  • Variety of Illumination Area
  • Variety of Lamp Powers
  • High Quality based Solar Cell Standard
  • Lighting Module for Optical Test
  • Component Device Standard
  • Organic Device / Solar Cell / Secondary Battery
  • Temperature Control
  • Lighting Measurement
  • Multi-Channel Cabling Switching Device
  • Extensible Test Platform (MXXP)
  • Test Recipe / Sequence Builder
  • Meta-Data & Eigen Plot
  • Data Viewer, Statics- Big Data Analysis